Saturday, November 18, 2017

What to Expect at 40 so you'll don't get Surprise!

My birthday is nearly coming this month and I will be turning 40 years old. A little scary, right? This means I am entering old age... the real one.

Why did I said that? It is because all my life, I am regarded as an old woman. I look old even at a young age. I look older than my mother, so they say. At work, even those older than me calls me "Mommy" the same callings they do for those 55 and above women.

Did I get hurt? Always!

My Papa once called me 30 while I am only 17 years old that time. My Aunt once called me her aunt. My best friend once called me her Tita and many times, I was mistaken as a grandmother for my kids. Antindi 'no?

The good news is eventually, I get used to it. I learned to focus more on my strengths and talents than paying attention to their ridicules. And I become good at that.

So now, back to reality. I AM ONLY TURNING 40 no matter how I look. And because I want to explore this topic widely in this blog, let us start by knowing what to expect at this age.

Honestly, I got a little surprise most of the times to the sudden changes that's been happening to me lately. Upon further checking why is this so, I found out that most of the changes to us was caused by  having less estrogen in the body at our age. Let me share more here:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes 14/35: 5 Reasons Why Sometimes, You Should Not Care at Work!

I had a great conversation from S today. He said, “Never mind the incentives anymore… Follow whatever they said you do since no one among them reached their metrics after all. Go with the flow, why aim so hard to help those people who would turn you down later? So they can’t deny what they said, write it down and put it in the comments of your documentation. Whatever they say, let them just pass through your ears.”

This morning, Boss M also told me, “In this industry those who reached great heights are those who know the Art of Politics not those who have talents. I’ve been in this industry for so long, gathered a lot of awards but never reached the highest position I deserve.”

Such are the sentiments we all shared in the Call Center Industry specifically in our accounts where there is no tolerance with errors or mistakes. And this, this made me cry in silence. What happened today crushed my spirit.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes 13/365: What Counts?

How’s you week?

Today, my day-off change from Saturday and Sunday to Thursday and Sunday. For someone who’s having 40 emails a day, this kind of split day-off is indeed a blessing. I do not have to leave work far too long that my correspondences have to wait two days for my reply.

There is also a breather from a very tremendous work that stresses me out. This morning, during my coaching with Boss Mark I was amazed with the wisdom he shared to me… Aahh, bosses although you won’t love them sometimes because of their different personalities, they share a lot of wisdom from their work experiences. That made them terrific! That made them Boss!

This time, the big man shared his thought about my overwhelming work. He said, “Just do what you can finish for the day, Jennifer. Do not stress yourself too much because even if you extend long hours the whole evening, you can never finish your work. It will add up every day. Show this company that this is only your capacity and this is all you can do within your eight hours. They must supply for the things that you cannot do.”

Make sense! There was a time when he said that I should watch the movie “Click” by Adams Sandler (honestly, I do not know if the title is right). What I remember is he learned a lot from that movie. He said that it is not all about work.  You should have time for those you love before it is too late.

This past month, I was a crazy overworked person. I woke-up 4 am, go to work early and return home late as if work is all there is in my life and as if I have a lot of body to be overused.

But Boss Mark is right, there is more to life than work.

This month though does not start good to me. I gathered a lot of detractors despite of my service (and being so workaholic). Despite of me giving my everything to the work. What I’d like is that even if I had a lot of detractors my promoters still exceeds them. Good people abounds still hahaha!

So today, I decided to take rest and take advantage of my day-off. I want to remember that it is not the quantity of works I’ve done that counts or the long hours I stayed working. It’s the quality of the work, the efficiency, the productivity… those are what counts.

And what is work if you are not able to take care of yourself?! It is not enough that you can buy your make-up or your dress; you must take care of your mental, spiritual and physical side. Keep everything in balance!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes 12/365

Life at work is not that easy nowadays!

There is a threat that our account will close. Some of my colleagues have resigned and we who are left are struggling with too much workload. I, myself have plenty of emails to do and everything seemed so uncontrollable by now.

There are times when I am at the bridge of giving-up. There are times when I almost want to cry. So to counteract this feelings, opt we go in my favorite Ukay-ukay store today. I bought one pants, a pair of sandals, a blouse and one caterpillar bag for Hans. This is the best time to surround myself of the the things that will make me happy. Sobrang stress na talaga kasi! 

I have to have the things that will lift-up my spirit because if you will have to see me, whew! I look too old and lonely and hopeless!

But life must go on! We have to push through tough times so we'll know the reason behind the struggles and see the blessings that's waiting at the end of the difficult journey.

We may not have the security we've been craving for, but it's okay! Our only security is in God.

One of the challenges that I am facing is having a boss that's so insensitive with our feelings and work. Grabe ang tindi niya. He's the kind of boss that you will wish never to have! Even so, wherever company you are, there will always be people you would not like and people who will not like you, too. Like our QA, she's so fuckin' bullshit! Pardon me pero pitmalu talaga siya sa akin! 

Although, we cannot avoid people who will step on us or who will use us or be difficult on us! Never-ever leave your company just to avoid these people only to find another one in the next company. Better learn to live with them. Yeah, they may make your blood boil to the highest temperature ever but then, you cannot avoid these people. They are everywhere. Let your focus be on how you'll improve yourself everyday.

You know what?! I am really having difficulty to find time to blog. I have a lot of work and backlogs but still, I am here today struggling to create art and quotations! Somehow I am wishing that one day, I'll find myself spending all of my time doing the things I love. But since, this is not yet the best time, I make the most of my stolen time enjoying what I passionately love!

What's your thought? I hope to hear from you.

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes #11: “Whatever I am, I am not myself!” by G.K. Chesterton

“To the question, ‘What is meant by the fall?’ I could answer with complete sincerity that, ‘Whatever I am, I am not myself!’” – G.K. Chesterton

Here’s another of my son’s contribution.

jennifer espina art and quotes

We’re inside our small house today, amidst the noise made by our neighbor’s Karaoke. Ewan ba, bakit every weekend ang ingay nila? Wala namang birthday!

Anyways, just want to share with you the highlight of this week for us, Family Espina. Of course it’s sweldo so we have our monthly strolling out to the mall. This time we tried eating in Goldilocks because I am craving for Lumpiang Sariwa. We go the Goldilocks Market Market and we’ll the food is just okay but mas okay pa rin sa Mang Inasal. The Lumpiang Sariwa is not what I expected, walang labong hahaha!

I leave the office early that time, at around 6PM, out na me and then, I texted Hans that I will wait for them at the Mini Park SM Aura. They came by 6:30 pm I still have time to contemplate while sitting near the fountain and being surrounded with Christmas Lights. Pasko na ang feeling ko.

Hywell is super likot po talaga, he’s running here and there. Climbing stairs and back and forth on the escalator. I cringe kasi baka maipit, you know naman here andaming aksidente. Speaking of escalator ng SM Aura, there are times na biglang bumibilis ‘yan two times na bigla akong kamuntik ng matumba because of that. So super shouting talaga ako sa bagetz!

This time, I gave them fifty each so they can buy their toys. They must learn na how to budget and be wise with their purchases.

Come my husband, naawa talaga ako sa namamaga niyang lalamunan. Anlaki ng tonsillitis niya. I gave him money for check-up and nabigyan naman siya ng mga gamot but still after three days, maga pa rin and he’s having difficulty swallowing. I am panicking na kagabi but then, I read the book which serves as my reference for sickness since my pregnancy with Hans and I learned that what he had is just a normal tonsillitis. He only needs to gurgle a glass of warm water with 1 tablespoon of salt daily. I also put a warm compress na rin on his neck. It’s really magastos magkasakit.
Still, I keep a positive mind despite of this. As far as possible I do not want to think of worse things. I do not want to worry about sickness.

My job was all the more toxic! One of my team mates, Cathy had resigned. That was immediate kaya ayon, natambakan kami ng trabaho. Dagdag pa dito ang mga escalation ko because I am having a lot of mistakes. Some people on my job are kakaloka!

But well, when it comes to that my motto is “As long as I am pleasing my customer, I won’t give-up! My service is for them not for the management.”

I am currently reading 48 Laws of Power nga pala, I will review that for you later. It’s amazingly great and mesmerizing kaso 400 plus pages so matatagalan before ko matatapos hahaha! Considering the nature of my work now.

Today is my day-off. Saturday and Sunday ‘yan. I still have a lot of emails to finish but I choose to stay to find time to draw and blog naman. Half day of this day, I clean the house. I pay attention to our bed na pinamamahayan ng bed bugs if hindi ko nalilinisan. I will share to you the tips that works for us to get rid of these pests one of these days.

So ayan, I hope you enjoy my quote today.

You may notice that other than the art quotes (by Hans) I am sharing my life na din. It is because I don’t want just to share my art without giving you a chance to know the artist behind it.

I want you to know me just the way I want to know you.

‘Til next!
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Encouraging Illustration Quotes #10: My reputation will take care of itself by D.L. Moody

jennfer espina art

“If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself.” – D.L. Moody

This is not my drawing; this is my 12 years old son’s drawing. He said he loves to draw anime so I asked him to draw some for my blog and for my Zazzle shop.
Both of us just draw on MS Paint. It is becoming our hobby nowadays and we enjoy it. So don’t get surprise if from time to time, depending on his mood, you will see his creation here.

This is part of me, encouraging him to draw and express himself. He got hook and I love it! At least now, I have someone to help me with my blog ha ha ha! I will not get surprised if one day, my youngest son Hywell would give his contribution too. He loves to draw… it’s in our blood! Their Dad loves to draw, too but I don’t know if he’ll contribute.

If you want, you may visit our shop here and get one for yourself! Actually, we do not care so much if someone will going to buy our art, though it may help us get encourage our main concern is the enjoyment we get in doing it.

Friends, today if your children loves to draw and love the things that you are doing, encourage them, collaborate with them and let them get involve!

As for me, I don’t care if they will be discovered or get popular… what is important is the bonding that we have while doing our crafts. It is something that I cherish, something that made me look forward to every day-off! You know that, when time is running fast and you are unaware of it because you and your child are engrossed in doing the things you both love? The feelings are incomparable.

Don’t you think so?
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How do you celebrate your Halloween?

jennifer espina art quotes
Today is the best time to remember the happy times you spent with your passed away loved ones. Today, let their memories put a smile on your face just like the old times.

It’s a few days before the Halloween!

What are you doing during these times? Are you planning to go to the province to visit your passed away relatives? How I wish we do, too!

Yearly, when we are in the province we go visit our loved ones in the cemetery. 

Usually, a few days before the Undas, we are busy cleaning the niches and then we created handmade flowers. At the night of the celebration, we cooked food for our get together. I remember spending it with my family, cousins and friends. We spent it singing while my brother played the guitar.

That’s how it should be celebrated for us. Although we missed them –Grandpa, Keeps, Kert, Grandma, Kuya Ambet… we choose to celebrate happily while waiting for the candles to be burnt. We have a lot of kwento, we have a lot to reminisce.

jennifer espinat art quotes
Today, you can be moody and a little bit witchy!

Now, we have to celebrate here in the City with my children. We can’t go to the puntod of each or our dead relatives, still in our hearts we think of them. We’ve been here for more than a year and we are barely surviving yet, there’s a lot of new experiences we’re being so thankful of. Henry, my husband wants to visit his grandma in Laguna however; he’s having a sore throat, grabeng maga. So he’d rather stay.

I think it’s not how we go to the cemetery each year that counts because we know our loved ones is not there but in heaven. It is how we remember them at their most beautiful memories shared with us. It is how we keep in mind the encouraging words they left or the good things they gave and the influence they made to us.

That is the essence of All Souls Day!
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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes #9: “Illness can free you from the curse of perfectionism” by Cheri Register

“Live fully, the experience of illness can free you from the curse of perfectionism that makes happiness conditional on having everything just right.” – Cheri Register

Friends, this is available on my shop here.
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Encouraging Illustration Quotes #8: “Quiet may be just what we need” by Kalle Lasn

"Quiet feels foreign now, but quiet may be just what we need. Quiet may be to a healthy mind what clean air and water and a chemical-free diet are to a healthy body." – M. Scott Peck
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Jenny’s Personal Encouraging Quotes #2

It is not the anniversaries or birthdays that counts, it is on how you learn and how you grow mature in each passing years.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Jenny’s Personal Encouraging Quotes #1: "Do the Best in your Job"

When you feel that there is no security in your job, just keep doing your work today. Give it the best that you can that even if the job dissolves you have done your best and you gain the most of your job’s experience. 
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