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Battle on your knees, the only way to deal with difficult people in your life

How many difficult people you have to deal daily in your life? I know I know we all want to get rid of these people. What a beautiful place there could be without them, right?

Kaso hindi naman lahat sila maiiwasan natin. We cannot just get rid of our husbands, our mothers, our fathers, our siblings, our colleagues and our bosses. We need to learn to live with them. Of course, we can avoid them but in every single difficult people we avoid, for sure may papalit na iba diyan.

So stop avoiding these people. Learn to face them while battling a silent battle on your knees.

Tumahimik ka na lang at magdasal!

Kwento ko lang…

I knew I have Php11,000.00 when I handed hubby my BDO account. He needs money because his tricycle was confiscated for driving without head lights. With that alone, I was already devastated and all the more when he handed back my ATM declaring that there is only Php 10,000.00 in it. He’s blaming the bank but I am not a fool. So what about the unexplained series of Php500.00 wi…

All Single Christians Need to Know before Choosing your Lifetime Partner

Yesterday night, I fought with my husband.

I was awakened around 3:00 am with a noise of two men drinking. I stand up from my bed and peek through the red curtain that separates our bedroom from the rest of the part of our small apartment room.

And yeah, my guess is right.

Look Above your Current Circumstances

“Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” – Eph. 16:12
I went home yesterday filled with sorrow. Boss C had scolded me about client’s escalation. She said I must not say so and so through emails because that might be taken against the company.

Maybe, I have over promised. Maybe, I tried to appease the angry customer so much. But what will I do? They don’t even tell me what the do’s and don'ts are from the very start. All I want, all that my conscience dictates is to help my customer resolve his problem. Now I was being emotionally punished.

Choose a Good Name No Matter What

“A good name is rather to be choosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold” – Pro. 22:1

We’re at the CCF last Sunday. We’d tried the 6:00 pm service hoping in our hearts that Pastor Bong will be there. My sister from Bicol told me through Facebook the he is in night service.

4 Most Important Financial Goals you have to Consider?

(This is part of our Biblical Based Money Perspective Series.)

When someone ask you what is your financial goal, what comes to you mind? Usually, as a carnal mind we might be thinking in general’ “I want to be rich!”But that is not the kind of goal that I want you to think about. Why?
Because lusting about riches can make you love money more than you love God. It is more of a pit rather than a blessing. But, of course if riches comes as a result of obedience to God, that is a great financial goal to think about.
In addition to that goal let me provide you four of the most important financial goals we as Christian must plan about. Here we go…

Family News Update: Just to Rant!

My sore throat is at its peak yesterday night. As you may remember, I was sick since Dec. 30, 2017. But I still managed to go to work. What happened is that my sore throat got worse! I have difficulty swallowing even my own saliva, gosh! It follows that I could not sleep.

But I have to sleep even a little because I have to go to work in the morning. Thanks that Hubby once had an acute tonsillitis. I borrowed his reseta and told him to buy me antibiotics and Bactidol. 

While I can't sleep, I kept on telling myself that I would get better the next day. I did. The swollen throat's pain decrease a little. Thanks God kahit paano I am able to eat na. 

What I learned from this experience? 

There is no such body as strong as steal. We can be sick any time no matter how careful we are to our bodies. 

In a different note, I was happy to receive a text message from BPI. It says, "SR #... BPI: Your ATM Withdrawal complaint has been processed. Account was credited on 12/27/2017. Thank you.…

5 Tips to Avoid Waste Foods this Holiday Seasons

It's January 1 and I do not have work. What I did was to iron clothes and sleep the rest of the afternoon because I am still not feeling well. If I did not take a rest, for sure I can't go to work tomorrow.

So what concerns me this January 1 is the amount of foods wasted right after the celebration. This is the same last Christmas where we have plenty of foods wasted, mostly foods that comes from our neighbors. They all spoil and end up to trash.  

Sayang, right?

But year after year after year we are not learning. We always do the same. We forgot what Jesus said in the Bible: "Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing  be wasted."